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Total Knee Replacement

total knee replacement

64  year male patient suffering from diabetes, BP , coronary artery disease had pain in left knee. X ray showed severe arthritis with two loose bodies in Left Knee. A left Total Knee Replacement was done. Patients deformity was corrected and now he walks daily 6km and is pain free. He is able to do all his daily routine without any knee problems and his extremely happy with his New Knee !!

total knee replacement

62 year male having diabetes and BP suffered from bilateral stage 3 knee arthritis. Use to walk with a stick and was unable to sit crossed legged on floor. Patient was advised Total Knee Replacement (TKR) . A stage both knee replacement was done. Patient is now walking without support , is able to sit on floor and do all his activities. He is able to even ride his bicycle painfree and says that he doesnt even feel the surgery ever happened !!

total knee replacement

53 year old female unable to walk to since 1 month due to pain in her left knee. She was unable to straighten her knee due to severe deformity of knee due to osteoarthritis. We did a Total Knee Replacement surgery and made her walk . Now she is able to do straighten her knee fully and walk painfree. She is able to work on her farm sitting crossed legged and able to squat !!

Total Hip Replacement

32 year old male suffering from Both Hip joint AVN since 4 years. MRI showed a grade 4 AVN with hip arthritis on both sides. A stage Bilateral Ceramic Hip Replacement was done. Patient is now able to do all his activities painfree and is able to walk and ride his bike for job. He is able to go back to his job and perform all his duties

38 year old male corporation worker suffered from Both Hip AVN after contracting Covid-19.His MRI showed Right hip in stage 3 and Left hip in Stage 2 of AVN disease. Patient was counselled and a Left Hip Core Decompression & BMAC therapy was done and Right Total Hip Replacement was done. Patient is now walking without support and is doing all his duties painfree . We saved is Left Hip & Replaced his Right hip thereby curing him off his Hip pain. Now he walks daily 7km and rides his bike without any problems !!

total hip replacement
total hip replacement

31 year Male suffering from stage 4 Avascular Necrosis(AVN) Femur came with complaint of constant pain in right hip,limping & difficulty in walking affecting his daily life. Patient was counselled and operated with a Ceramic implant. Results after the surgery are natural !! Painfree , unaided natural walking as if nothing ever happened to him.
Total Hip Replacement is a rewarding surgery with 100 % results and painfree recovery. Patient soon goes back to there active lifestyle !!

A 30 year old lady came with complaint of pain in Left Hip and shortening of Left lower Limb since 10 years!! Patient was in so much pain that she was on wheelchair since 2 months before she came to us. Her X ray showed a Primary Hip Arthritis with Protrusio Acetabuli. Her limb was approximately 2 cm short. Patient was scared of Surgery but we counselled her and assured her that she will be able to walk again. After thorough counselling, a Ceramic Total Hip Replacement surgery was done. Since She was suffering from 10 years we also had to put bone graft to compensate for her bone loss from acetabulum. After suffering in pain for 10 years, patient is now walking pain-free !! We made her walk without support when she had lost all her hopes. Now she is able to do all her activities without a limp or pain in her hip joint !!